Next Level Technology Transfer

What we do?

CATAPULT stands for CAtalyzing Technology Advancement through Patent Utilization and Licensing. It is a novel platform that directly connects IP owners and IP seekers, thus overcoming the bottleneck in technology transfer. The platform is specifically tailored to enable university Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) to present their patent portfolio and IP scouting teams at big companies, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Venture Capital firms (VCs) to find suitable IP to accelerate their business.​ In this way we can maximize the impact of research investments that were already made.

For Universities

If you work in tech transfer at a university your research deserves to have an impact. On this platform you can submit your recent patents and just lean back. We take care of finding suitable industry or VC partners to valorize your research.

For Companies

You are a company that wants to enter a new market, start a new product line or grow a new venture? If you need the latest technology, we can find it for you from recent patent filings. You'll have access to IP as fresh as it gets to be ahead of your competition.

We offer

AI-based matching algorithm

Full anonymity, data protection and encryption

Continous Feedback on IP proposals

Early access to latest research results

Our Services are wanted and long awaited

"Such a tool to accelerate technology transfer is highly needed."

Kristin Falkenstein,

Tech Transfer University of Texas

"Universities and related incubators are sitting on a pile of unused IPs"

Shannon Shibata-Germanos,

Founder Lacuna Advisors

"TT offices struggle to find the right companies and people"

Alice Rosiello,

TT at Politechnico di Torino

"As a VC we find it difficult to talk to the right people."

Pietro Puglisi,

Partner at Claris Ventures